LED lighting

A new generation of tailored horticultural lighting is transforming indoor growing, offering greater yields, improved quality and higher returns, at lower cost. Download our latest whitepaper, to learn how the right lighting could help unlock the full potential of your greenhouse.

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“LED Grow Lighting: A Guide to Greater Yields, More Harvests and Higher Profits” 

Everything you need to grow your business. Download our latest whitepaper.


Lighting for business success

Your goal is to maximize the financial return for your product, generate profit and compete successfully in a crowded market. What if we told you that your lighting solution could be the missing piece of the puzzle that’s holding your business back from higher profits and greater market success? 



Improve yield

Far more is understood today about the impact of light on plant biology and we can now influence the growth of a crop to maximize its market value and accelerate time to market. Whether you’re aiming for tall stems, full flowers or compact, leafy greens, the right lighting can improve both the volume and quality of a yield to help every harvest reach its full potential quickly and efficiently.



Reduce energy

Turning to low-energy LEDs from traditional HPS lamps can instantly slash direct energy bills by approximately 30%. In addition, LEDs produce far less heat than HPS lighting, reducing the burden on cooling systems and those associated costs. With such savings, an installation upgrade can pay for itself in a matter of years and set your operation on the path to a low carbon future.



Operational efficiency

With fast, easy installation, a longer useful lifespan and low failure rate, LED lighting requires less maintenance and produces less landfill waste, reducing ongoing operational costs and disposal penalties at end-of-life. Once in place, your LED lighting solution is one less thing to worry about.


Free Initial Consultation

Reviewing your lighting installation can feel daunting but its potential to help you maximize returns and reduce costs is well worth the effort. Whether you’re looking to switch from HPS to low-energy LEDs, or want to ensure you’re using the best LED fixtures and spectrum for your crop, our experts will work with you to protect your business whilst creating the best conditions for future growth. 

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Helping plants to reach
their full potential

Broad spectrum lighting

By isolating and combining different light wavelengths into bespoke “recipes”, we replicate and accelerate natural photosynthesis to shorten growth cycles and optimize the quality and appearance of your crop. Our lighting designers ensure perfectly-even light distribution to every plant throughout your facility, for consistent harvests all year round.


Industry-leading efficiency

We’ve made it our mission to help growers reduce their energy consumption, whilst helping crops thrive, and our Arize™ LEDs lead the industry for energy efficiency and performance. With advanced optics that reduce light wastage, and high-quality LEDs that convert electricity into useful light wavelengths, we’re constantly striving to deliver the best sustainable, supplemental lighting on the market.


5-year warranty

Our lighting technology is tested almost to destruction, to actual application temperatures, which gives us the confidence to back our products with one of the longest warranties you will find on the market. With our LED grow lights also IP66 and UL wet rated, you can be confident that they will continue to perform in even the most testing environments.


A broad portfolio

No matter your set-up, our LED lighting solutions can boost any operation, from traditional greenhouses, to vertical farms, growth chambers and tissue culture laboratories. We offer a complete range of spectrums and grow lights offering 1:1 replacement of 400W, 600W and 1000W HPS fixtures and our lighting designers will help you plan the perfect layout for maximum return.


Check out our product pages for individual lighting specifications and to find the best Arize™ solution for your business.


Get a personal lighting plan

Combining extensive expertise in plant science, product development and lighting design, our team will work with you to create a bespoke plan, optimized to your target crop, installation parameters and yield objectives. Offering an unparalleled level of detail and using the latest 3D modelling technology, the lighting plan removes uncertainty from your transformation project, cutting installation time and ensuring business continuity from start to finish.

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