From hps to led

Improving medicinal crop production with LED grow lights

Thanks to advancements in LED technology, horticultural LED fixtures now offer an attractive, low-energy alternative to traditional HPS lighting for the production of high-value medicinal crops. However, despite their advantages, there is a learning curve as you change from HPS to LED. This whitepaper will walk you through everything you need to keep in mind when considering upgrading your operation, as well as outlining the key benefits of using LEDs for medicinal plant growth.

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“UNLOCKING POTENTIAL: Using LED grow lights for better medicinal crop yields”

By Hans Spalholz, PhD 

The road to the right light

Advantages of growing under LED

Moving from older technologies to LED unlocks new opportunities to optimize production of your medicinal crop, and ultimately improve the commercial performance of your business. By fine-tuning the amount of light and applying the most appropriate light spectrum to drive plant growth and steer the development of important phytochemicals, this guide explains how LED lighting can save energy, whilst boosting crop value and yield.


Lower costs

Save energy

Lighting, heating and cooling costs make up most of the energy input for an indoor operation. By replacing less efficient HPS lighting with tailored LEDs that deliver more usable light to the plant, without the same levels of radiant heat, we show how growers can save tens of thousands on their electricity bills, safeguarding their operations whilst drawing on less energy from the grid.


Improved production

Increase yields

LED fixtures can help push crop production to the next level. Light intensity and DLI are key to ensuring strong plant growth, establishing a robust foundation for higher yields at harvest time. This guide explores the importance of both light spectrum and intensity in the development of vegetative growth ahead of flowering.


Higher Profits

Optimize quality

Lighting management during different stages of growth can greatly influence the quality and value of medicinal crops, by triggering increased production of important phytochemicals such as terpenes and cannabinoids in the flowering stage. Using LED lighting, growers can combine specific light wavelengths, with greater control over light intensity and DLI to boost the medicinal properties of every plant.

The road to the right light

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